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Claudia Munro Kerr (Bull), Founder of Studio 44 in Mabbettsville is a local artist whom many of you will also know as a friend and parent in the area.

She would like to invite you, and any guests or friends you may be seeing over this Memorial Day weekend, to pop into Studio 44 on Sunday, 29 May between 5.30pm-7.30pm to see what it’s all about.

Studio 44 is both a gallery and a working studio. Our goal is to be the hub for the fine arts in the Millbrook area. Claudia would love to hear about what types of artistic activities you may want to be involved in: workshops, demos, presentations, shows, talks, and more. Take part in this exciting mission! We explore on every level what making art of quality really involves.

Claudia is bringing top artists (in drawing, painting, watercolour, sculpture, and photography) into Studio 44. The focus will always be on making and showing good, real art that is grounded in skill and learning.  Join us for plein air outings, painting trips, special access to collections, and studio visits with top artists. 

Start your journey with us on Sunday, and be part of Studio 44’s ArtForce in the heart of the world-famous Hudson River Valley where the light, geography, and people have inspired countless artists from Thomas Cole and Fredrick Church to Larry Rivers and Andy Warhol. 

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday at the Open House, or sometime very soon!


My best,



P.S. -- Kids welcome. Studio 44 is right next to the Mabbettsville playing fields where they can play at the playground and on the large playing fields.

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